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Queen Feature:  Lynette - which products she uses and hairstyles she likes

Queen Feature: Lynette - which products she uses and hairstyles she likes

natural hair queen lynette ethnic earring
We are shining a spotlight on our natural hair Queen Lynette.  This beautiful Queen is a HUGE supporter of our natural hair and Afrocentric earrings and we love her for that!
Here's a few pictures Lynette sent us:
natural hair earrings afro pick
afrocentric earrings afro pick jewelry
natural hair earrings afro pick jewelry
wooden map of africa earrings africa shaped jewelry hoop accessories
We asked her to tell us a little bit about her favorite hairstyles and her routine.
Lynette said "My hair routine is super easy since taking my locs out. I’ve been product shopping and right now I’m using Bella Curls at the recommendation of a woman who’s style I liked! I love either wearing two strand twists or a flat twist out!"  (Did you see her awesome flat twist out above???)
To create these hairstyles she uses the entire Bella curls product line... take a look
Bella Curls Coconut Creme COWASH 16 oz product review
Packed with a variety of moisturizing coconut oils this coconut cowash is the perfect compliment for gently cleaning and conditioning your curly, wavy hair, while enhancing and maintaining your natural hair’s moisture. The result with this coconut cowash are curls, coils, twists, and waves with more shine, more moisture, and more life!
Bella Curls Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Masque 12 oz product review
This deep conditioning masque is a great conditioning treatment for parched and damaged hair. 
Bella Curls Coconut Whipped Creme Leave-In Conditioner product review
This remarkable leave-in conditioner contains tons of extremely moisturizing coconut oils that help your naturally curly hair makes those twists, and turns more easily. The results that come with this leave-in conditioner is curly hair that looks and feel so much healthier, shinier, bouncier, and beautiful.
This is a great daily mist to replenish the moisture to your curls and twist outs.
Have you ever used Bella curls? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.  Also, to shop our entire collection of natural hair earrings, Afrocentric accessories and home decor, click here.

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